Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back onto the prairie -- to see it and experience it as when mankind first stepped onto it?
Dubuque Land & Cattle is working hard to provide people with just this type of experience.
Dubuque Land & Cattle began as a dream more than a century ago when Nicholas Weber, a country boy from Luxembourg, came West with his new bride, Mary, seeking land and opportunity.
 The Webers prospered and struggled.
 They endured.
 Two generations later, the descendants of that land - a brother and sister team - Wallace and Cheryl Weber -- have a new dream for 1,700 acres of crop and grassland: To develop and maintain a sustainable, working ranch that can serve as a national model for centuries to come showing the latest in crop and livestock production, native grassland management and wildlife conservation.
 In 2008, Wallace, a retired U.S. Army colonel began the process of donating the 1,700-acre farm to Pheasant's Forever, The Habitat Organization, with the intention of turning the land into a living model to inspire others to manage lands for wildlife in harmony with sustainable agriculture.
At Dubuque Land & Cattle we like to think the memories have created the dreams.
And the dreams become reality.
Smoky Hills Region of Kansas
Dubuque Land & Cattle
Dorrance, Ks.
St. Catherine's Catholic Church in Dubuque, Ks.
Century-old limestone bridge built by German craftsmen
Meadowlark on post rock
Post rock fence posts help define this region of Kansas.
Northern Harrier glides over prairie.
Pheasant struts across the morning dew